Archive | November, 2012

Thai Prawn Cakes – Tod Mun Goong


Thai style prawn cake is another Thai dish that you can find in many Thai restaurants locally or oversea. The children and foreigners like having and ordered every time when they went to Thai restaurant. It is a bit easy to eat, not spicy, kid friendly and plum sauce makes this dish more delicious. It […]

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Dim Sim – kha-nom-jeeb


In china, people have Dim Sim for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is no rule when to have Dim Sims.

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Sweet and sour eggs – khai-luk-koei


Khai-luk-koei is another Thai dish that children like to eat, because it tastes a little bit sweet and sour. When I serve to my daughter I won’t sprinkle with Thai red chilli as it it too spicy for her. My daughter loves having this dish all the time. Currently I have eight hens which lay […]

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