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Thai Spring Rolls – poh piah tod

Poh piah tod or Deep fried Thai Spring Roll is an appetizer dish that you can often at Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese Restaurants. I believe that Thai Spring rolls were influenced by the Chinese and adapted to local ingredients. Thai Spring Rolls are a popular dish among children, adults and foreigners because they have a […]

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Choko Chutney


I have never known choko before in my life. Since moving to Queensland, my husband went ¬†on a ride in the mountains where a shopkeeper lady gave few chokos to him. He asked me to cook something with them. With a Thai background, eating raw, eating fresh, I immediately chopped and sliced in thick cuts […]

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Thai fried rice with egg – khao-pad-khai


Thai fried rice with egg is healthy, easy to cook and full of nutrition.

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