I am Thai, married to an Australian man and the mother of one Thai daughter. My daughter and I migrated to Australia at the end of 2007. My first memory of cooking is in senior high school, when I used to cook for my family every morning before going to school. My sister in turn, would cook dinner for everyone. My father was a great cook and I loved helping him and I think I get some of my love of cooking from him.

When we moved to Australia my daughter was five and half years old. For the first few years she didn’t like western food much. She hated the cold sandwiches and toast that her school friends and for that matter my husband enjoyed.

We lived in Melbourne for two years. Melbourne is a great place for food, wine and culture. I really liked my neighbours and made many friends. I learnt to grow my own vegetables and to cook some Italian dishes from my next door neighbours, Bruna and Antillio. While we lived there, whenever we had time, we would go bush walking. One holiday we traveled to Tasmania to walk. It was hard walking, but so beautiful. I have found that I like cooking, reading, traveling and gardening.

We go on at least one holiday a year. I especially like going back to Thailand and meeting my family and  friends, some of which I have known for nearly 30 years.

We have since moved to Gold Coast, Queensland, where we are living in the Hinterland on Beechmont. Our house is lovely and I now have a much larger garden, in which I have started growing my own veggies. Yes, I mean a serious veggie patch. Also I have a big herbal patch about ten square metres  full of Thai and Western herbs. In the seven veggie patches I rotate growing vegetables according to the season. Where we live there are many birds, bandicoots, bush turkeys, snakes etc, so everything is netted to reduce the stealing my crop. After living here for four years, I now have a lot more confidence in cooking and enjoy visitors. I like cooking for them, and the thing I like most is to see them eating it all up.

This website is a way of collecting all information that I would like to share and keep as a memory. Maybe in time, it will be useful for my daughter when she is all grown up and starts her own family.

If you enjoy my site and any of the recipes within it, please let me know by commenting.